Inspiring discussions about content systems and new ways to create them

Terra Gallery
511 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Tuesday, May 24

San Francisco (PDT)
8:30–9:00 AM PDT

Tuesday workshop breakfast

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

WORKSHOP: Cross-Functional Collaboration for Structured Content

  • Lauren Etheridge
    Developer Relations Specialist, DEI, Sanity
  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Solution Engineer, Sanity
12:30–1:00 PM PDT

San Francisco Registration

1:00–1:30 PM PDT

Welcome to Structured Content 2022!

1:30–2:15 PM PDT

The Future of Digital Experience Will Be Powered by Structured Content

  • Carrie Hane
    Head of Content Strategy Relations, Sanity
  • Simen Svale Skogsrud
    Co-founder & CTO, Sanity
2:20–2:50 PM PDT

The Block-Paved Path to Structured Data

  • Maggie Appleton
    Design lead, HASH
2:50–3:05 PM PDT

Tuesday afternoon break

3:05–3:50 PM PDT

Bridging Disciplines with Structured Content

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Solution Engineer, Sanity
  • Dirk Voetberg
    Lead, CS Content, Spotify
  • Jon Wheeler
    Senior Product Marketing Engineer, InVision
  • Maggie Appleton
    Design lead, HASH
  • Ritwik Dey
    Head of Product Design, Sanity
3:55–4:25 PM PDT

How Publishing Organizations Harness Structured Content to Power Editorial Experiences

  • Sarah Sweat
    Senior Software Engineer, The New York Times
4:30–5:00 PM PDT

Design and Structured Content: Where We Are, Where We Could Go

  • Katrina Lindholm
    SVP Design, Hologram
  • Simen Svale Skogsrud
    Co-founder & CTO, Sanity
5:00–5:15 PM PDT

Tuesday Wrap-Up

5:30–9:30 PM PDT

San Francisco Reception

Wednesday, May 25

San Francisco (PDT)
9:00–9:30 AM PDT

San Francisco Day 2 Breakast

9:30–9:45 AM PDT

Good Morning San Francisco!

9:45–10:25 AM PDT

Reflections on the Future of the Web

  • Guillermo Rauch
    CEO, Vercel
  • Michael Sippey
    Chief Product Officer, Outside
10:30–11:10 AM PDT

Content Makes Commerce Human

  • Kusum Kanwar
    Senior Product Lead, Shopify
  • Mick McCarthy
    SVP of Design, The Stable
11:10–11:25 AM PDT

Wednesday Morning Break - SF

11:25–11:55 AM PDT

The Business Side of Structured Content

  • Samira Virani
    Associate Director, Technology Strategic Platform, AT&T
12:00–12:30 PM PDT

Executive Fireside Chat

  • Magnus Hillestad
    CEO, Sanity
  • Scott Gentz
    Director - Technology Strategic Platforms, AT&T
12:30–1:25 PM PDT

Wednesday Lunch in San Francisco

1:25–1:55 PM PDT

Engineering a Structured Content Experience Across Brands and Borders

  • Mitchell Posk
    Software Engineer, Restaurant Brands International
2:00–2:30 PM PDT

Can Content Structure Boost Revenue by 753%?

  • Colleen Jones
    Founder and President, Content Science
2:35–3:05 PM PDT

When the Product is the Content

  • Gillian Zamora
    Director of Product Management, Morning Brew
3:05–3:20 PM PDT

Afternoon Break

3:20–3:50 PM PDT

Structured Content at Work

  • Rune Botten
    Principal Solution Engineer, Sanity
4:00–4:45 PM PDT

Improv Consulting: Yes, And...Experts Improvise Solutions to Real Problems

  • Andy Fitzgerald
    Information Architecture & Content Strategy Consultant, Freelance
  • Colleen Jones
    Founder and President, Content Science
  • Jesiah McCann
    Director of Technology, HZ
  • Jess Sand
    Digital Experience Strategist,
  • Val Swisher
    Founder and CEO, Content Rules, Inc.
4:45–5:00 PM PDT

Conference Wrap-Up

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