The Block-Paved Path to Structured Data

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Despite its troubled past, structured and semantic data is actively used and useful across the web today. It improves our search results with rich visual previews. It helps researchers gather raw data for analysis and simulations. The only problem is we don’t have enough of it. The vast majority of data on the web is still unstructured.

Without diving headfirst into unrealistic dreams of a fully machine-readable web, we can still seek ways to increase the amount of structured data out there.

At HASH, we’re exploring how a relatively new but wildly popular interface pattern could help get us there: block-based editors. From Notion to WordPress Gutenberg, we’ve seen a surge in editing environments that give you a set of modular ‘blocks’ you can combine into rich interactive documents. Then without writing (or even knowing) any code, you can publish them to the open web.

Come find out why we believe the path to structured data is paved with these user-friendly blocks.